Architectural and park complex

"The Palace"

Architectural and park complex “The Palace” is architectural and construction monument of culture, garden and park art, which is located next to the beautiful seaside town of Balchik. Its construction began as early as 1924, at the request of the Romanian Queen Maria of Edinburgh, and lasted more than 10 years. The Queen was captivated by the beauty of this area, so she decided to build her summer residence right here on this fabulous Balchik Bay. The project of the Palace is entrusted to the Italian architects Amerigo and Augustino, and the park complex was created by famous Swiss florist Jules Jeannie.

The “Palace” in Balchik rises on the seafront and is surrounded by the wonderful Botanical Garden, located on an area of about 65 decares. The residence is an amazing place where oriental, Thracian, Roman and Christian symbols are joined. Numerous small villas, terraces, beautiful water falls, as well as several gardens have been built on the territory of the architecture-park complex. Here guests can see the second largest in Europea collection of cactus, as well as many other beautiful plants.

On the territory of the complex are special alleys and signs for people with motor visual impairments, so that all visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible beauty.


Botanical gardens

The University Botanical Garden at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”in the town of Balchik is located the territory of the Architectural and Park Complex “Palace”. It is the work of Acad. Prof. Daki Yordanov, who at that time was the rector of the university. The garden covers a large area – about 194 acres and has a rich collection of plant species (over 5000 species), which is constantly growing.

In the University Botanical Garden in Balchik, you can see plants such as candy tree, rubber tree and paper wood, large evergreen magnolia, metasequoia and others. Historically and functionally, the Botanical Garden is divided into three different parts.

The first area is a landscape park, formed during the time of the Romanian Queen Maria. Today it is an immovable cultural heritage, a monument of garden and park art.

The second garden is the Nursery Garden and occupies an area of about 11 decares. Here guests have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of seasonal flower arrangements, alpine corners, cacti and succulents in typical stone beds. A special center for people with disabilities has been built on the territory of this zone.

The third area located on the territory of the Botanical Garden is a Protected Area, which was declared as such in 2005. Here visitors can observe natural ecosystems and touch the rich biodiversity of the region.


Balchik is a picturesque town located in north-eastern Bulgaria, Dobrich region. It is located only 42 km from the city of Varna and stretches to one of the most beautiful bays on our Black Sea coast, which makes it one of the main tourist destinations. Apart from it’s incredible nature, Balchik attracts many visitors because of it’s ancient past and rich cultural heritage.

The history of the city begins far back, in the millennia before Christ. Its first settlers were the Thracians. Then, the ancient Greek settlement of Kronos was founded here, which was later renamed Dionysopolis. The name Balchik appears from 1573, when the town came under the rule of Balik, who was the brother of Dobrotich – the ruler of Dobrudja.

Later, Balchik became an important administrative center and port for the Roman Empire. Centuries later, this territory, as well as the rest of Bulgaria, fell under Ottoman rule. At the beginning of the 20th century Balchik and the whole of Southern Dobrudja were annexed by Romania, and in 1940 these lands returned to Bulgaria. With such a long and interesting history, there is no doubt that Balchik is one of the best destinations for Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Today, the town of Balchik delights its guests with incredible sandy beaches and many historical sites. Among the most interesting sights are: Architectural and Park Complex “Palace”, the University Botanical Garden, Ancient and Medieval Fortress, Ancient Temple of the Goddess Cybele, Historical Museum, Ethnographic House and others. Not far from the town of Balchik are cape Kaniakra, Pobitite Kamani, Kamen Bryag, as well as one of the most famous Black Sea resorts – Albena.

The town also has a beautiful beach almost 19 km long. Here is Balchik Tuzla – a valuable natural resource, known for its high quality healing mud.

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